Rotavirus Surveillance

Updated 07 February ,2012

Programme Description:

 In April 2009, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases of the National Health
Laboratory Service (NICD/NHLS) in Johannesburg implemented a diarrhoea sentinel
surveillance programme at five hospitals in four provinces of South Africa (Gauteng, North
West, Kwazulu Natal and Mpumalanga).The aim of the programme is to evaluate the
prevalence of rotavirus in diarrhoea cases and to monitor the effect of the introduction of the
mono-valent Rotarix® vaccine into the expanded programme on immunisation.The rotavirus
vaccine was introduced in August 2009.
Children < 5 years admitted (slept overnight in hospital) to one of the sentinel hospitals for
acute diarrhoea ( 3 loose stools in 24 hour period and onset within 7 days) are eligible for
enrolment in the surveillance. Stool specimens are collected and tested for rotavirus at the
NICD/NHLS and at the Diarrhoeal Pathogens Research Unit (DPRU), University of Limpopo,
Medunsa Campus using the ProSpecT Rotavirus ELISA kit (Oxoid, UK).


 For 2011, 148/698 (21%) stool samples were positive for rotavirus. Rotavirus detection in week

51 (week ending 25 December) was 0% (0/4). No specimens were collected in week 52.

The 2011 rotavirus season started in week 21 (week starting 23 May) when the rotavirus

detection rate was 36% (4/11) and remained  the 20% threshold for a period of four and a half

months (19 weeks). From week 40 (week starting 3 October), the rotavirus detection rate

dropped below 20%. However, rotavirus positive specimens were received up until week 48 of


In 2011, the highest detection rate of 80 % (8/10) was in week 30 (week starting 25 July).

The total number of patients testing rotavirus positive in 2011 (n=148) was substantially lower

compared to the number of positive cases for 2010 (n=241).

Reporting period:  04/01/2011 to 21/12/2011
Results until end of epidemiologic week 2011:  51

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