Quality Assurance

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) has implemented a quality system according to ISO ISO 15189:2012 and 15189:2007  and SANAS requirements for medical laboratories; and has been granted accreditation of the quality system in the following areas:



  • All diagnostic assays (including, but not restricted to, serological, isolation, and molecular diagnostic techniques).
  • HLA sub-typing
  • Immunophenotyping
  • Limited research techniques

 The NICD is committed to providing surveillance testing to the highest standard and competency. To this end the NICD surveillance laboratories including selected research laboratories, have been SANAS accredited in accordance with ISO 15189:2012.  To further strengthen the provision of quality service, all support and Non-laboratory departments are working towards ISO9001:2012 certification. All Quality Systems Essentials are continuously being  monitored and improved on.

All documents are controlled by the Q-pulse quality management software and are electronically distributed to laboratory managers for implementation of these policies and procedures.
It is the intention of the Quality System at the NICD to provide a means of delivering a high quality service. This service will be provided by a combination of the following: -

  1. Complying with ISO 15189:2012 and 15189:2007  and SANAS requirements for medical laboratories
  2. Quality Manual
  3. Document control / version control
  4. Standardisation of methods / techniques
  5. Ensuring adequate and ongoing staff training
  6. Detailed equipment calibration / service history
  7. Approved suppliers
  8. Customer feedback
  9. Continual improvement of the quality system

Contact us

Please refer any queries to the following:

Henry P Julius
Quality Assurance Manager
Tel: 011 386 6095 | Fax:  086 776 4063